Zed Blade is a action arcade game at k2t2.com. An old school arcade shooting game. Pilot an air ship and outfit it with choice of three weapons are utilized for the front and back of the chose dispatch.

Story: later on, humankind goes to each planet in the Solar System. An extensive venture to build up the Space Frontier is begun with the advancement of a robotized space station called Yggdrasil which is controlled by a best in class super PC.

The group of the Yggdrasil decline to react to any of Earth's interchanges months after sending. Abruptly, Yggdrasil assaults the Earth utilizing a substantial armada of very created space contenders, robots and war machines. Operation Ragnarok is established wherein three of the Earth's best space military pilots must reestablish arrange by seizing control of Yggdrasil and ending the intrusion.