Y8 Space Snakes

Y8 Space Snakes 0 1
Y8 Space Snakes is a snake multiplayer game at k2t2.com. Space Snakes puts a fun and drawing in wind on the exemplary Nokia game that we as a whole love. Similarly as in Slither.io, you control a compelling space wind and should battle all through the cosmic system to crush your adversaries and end up noticeably solid and effective.

Before beginning a game, you can browse a wide range of snake outlines and hues. When you have entered the field, you should move your snake and gather whatever number hued balls as would be prudent - each ball builds your focuses and the length of your snake.

Make certain to maintain a strategic distance from contact with space rocks else you will be in a split second crushed - additionally dodge contact with different snakes as they will demonstrate deadly as well.

You can decimate the space rocks by shooting your fire - when a space rock is crushed it leaves a bunch of balls for you to gather. Beside avoiding and shooting, you can likewise utilize a speed lift to make tracks in an opposite direction from a dubious circumstance or to get an adversary. Would you be able to vanquish the cosmic system and rule as the preeminent space wind?

Controls :

Left click to shoot firebal

Space bat to boost speed