Wondrous Lands 0 1
Wondrous Lands is a adventure game at k2t2.com. Go on a dream RPG enterprise with a group of saints to spare the world from fate in Wondrous Lands. It truly gets the RPG soul with haphazardly created characters and auto fight. With many highlights that'll keep you on your toe and engaged for a considerable length of time. A well made and wonderful Online RPG game.

List of Features:

– Explore randomly generated world, filled with monsters, treasure and opportunities!

– Make your team unique by teaching your heroes 120 different abilities!

– Get powerful magic items and use them against the enemy!

– Take on quests, learn magic, follow powerful deities and more!

– Fight more than 150 dangerous enemies, from mere goblins to mighty dragons!

– Study your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Prepare accordingly or face an inevitable defeat!