Warzone: Warlight 2

Warzone: Warlight 2 0 1
Warzone: Warlight 2 is a war game at k2t2.com. Warzone: Warlight 2 is the second portion of this stunning turn-based system game in which you should endeavor to vanquish the world with your military may and aptitude. This game has likenesses to the well known Risk table game and you begin with a set measure of assigned units to extend with.

You can play in either a solitary player game mode against AI leaders, or test other individuals online in magnificent multiplayer fights. Amid each turn you can play out a few activities - right off the bat you can put troops in your region. Furthermore you would then be able to progress to assault new regions and endeavor to vanquish them. Think deliberately and attempt to adjust your troops uniformly without leaving any domains unguarded. Would you be able to overcome the world as a main military strategist?

Controls :

Left click to play.