Valley Rider

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Valley Rider is a 3d car game at Valley Rider is a magnificent 3D driving test system - dissimilar to most pushing games you move far from the city and rather drive through some incredible farmland in a tremendous valley.

The track includes a heap of turns and long clearing turns and goes through some astounding landscape - you go under an extensive passage with a sea see, through a mechanical mind boggling and over some great scaffolds.

You can control a scope of various vehicles including a beast truck, a lorry and a few diverse capable games autos. The controls are basic and you can switch between the diverse vehicles utilizing the O and P keys - you can likewise reset your beginning position on the off chance that you happen to crash.

Have some good times driving through the landscape and rehearsing your floating abilities around the long corners. Take to the valleys today and test your driving aptitudes!

Controls :

WASD or arrow keys to drive

R to restart car's position

C to change camera

O and P to change car

B to enter car setup

Space bar to handbrake