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Untamed is a defense game at k2t2.com. Untamed is a fun stage shooter game in which you control the character Shaman. A shrewd outsider warlord has attacked your planet and you are the last line of guard.

You have a weapon with restricted ammunition and you additionally have an expansive stone totem that is fills in as a shield against approaching slugs. While you are shooting, your totem is put away and you are powerless against harm along these lines you should continue shooting in short blasts.

Toward the finish of each level you can utilize the coins you have gathered to buy overhauls, capacities and things for your character. You can build their details and buy war zone things, for example, wellbeing mixtures.

The game is dynamic and you should enhance the quality of your client to advance to the more elevated amounts. The game mechanics may require a significant stretch of time to get used to, however Untamed is enormous fun and an awesome test.

Controls :

W or up arrow to move up

S or down arrow to move down

Left click to shoot

123 to use skill (after unlocked)