Undo is a gun shooting game at k2t2.com. Undo is a cool first individual shooter situated in a wonderful cutting edge science fiction world. The world has created and innovation is presently the most essential product.

Before you enter the game you can look over an energizing scope of various weapon loadouts and classes. Beside the customization, there are likewise four diverse game modes to browse including group deathmatch and free for all.

The gameplay is smooth and fun and the designs of this advanced world are cool. Work as a group with your kindred colleagues to overcome the front line and vanquish your foes. What makes this game so magnificent is that the gravity levels are low.

You can hop to a great degree high and you can likewise utilize gateways to transport to various parts of the guide! In the event that you run low on wellbeing, your vision may end up noticeably hindered as your head protector splits! Would you be able to reign in this cutting edge field?

Controls :

WASD to move

1234 to change weapon

Left click to shoot

Right click to scope up

R to reload

C to crouch

Shift to run

G to throw grenade

K to select class

Space bar to jump

M to change gun mode