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Ufowars.io is a new .io game at k2t2.com. Ufowars is a multiplayer fantasy shooting game which will let you choose a UFO and fight against your enemies and make party with your friends, get yourself at the top of the leaderboard and upgrade your plasma bullets to highest possible level.
How to Play [Ufowars.io]
Left click to attack, Right click to use bonus, press Enter to chat , use same Party code (more than 5 characters) as your friends to make a group and fight beside each other!
[Ufowars.io] Strategy
at first you will have three choices to make , Tank , Gunner and Cannon each of them has their own good and bad points , after that you will have 2 levels to reach ,in each level you have three choices to upgrade your ufo and blast on your enemies. contact your friends and give the same code you enter for yor own party code and make allies , more allies you have more powerfull you get! try to use bonuses to scape from your enemies or attack inside their group and get yourself some score! being a group seems like a better strategy than fighting alone. seems like your ready! have fun.