Trucksformers 2

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Trucksformers 2 is a truck game at Appreciate the second scene of Truckformers. Trucksformers 2 is a testing yet fun stage style driving game in which you should control a beast truck through a scope of various courses. Play Trucksformers 2 unblocked.

Your creature truck has a shrouded mystery however - it can change into other vehicle styles and give itself cool weapons and adornments! While driving, utilize the number keys 1-4 to change your beast truck keeping in mind the end goal to advance past different deterrents on the level.

Your truck can change into a helicopter or even furnish itself with an immense round observed! Watch the landscape and snags in your way and change at the perfect time. Do whatever it takes not to harm your truck vigorously else you should restart the level. Would you be able to finish all levels and turned into an unbelievable changing truck driver?


Arrow keys to drive

1234 to transform truck