Trapped: Wayne's Chamber 4 9
Trapped: Wayne's Chamber is a point and click game at Trapped: Wayne's Chamber is a fun escape room game in which you should reveal the insider facts of Wayne the serial executioner and attempt to escape from his mystery chamber.

You have a most extreme of a hour to settle the riddles and escape from this evil place. The room is little however pressed brimming with different things, shrouded articles and furniture you can connect with.

Inquiry each alcove and corner to discover pieces of information and endeavor to tackle the riddles as you advance. Your primary point is to attempt and discover Wayne's diary and discover precisely what he has been doing.

The illustrations are cool, the must is spooky and the distinctive riddles are testing. You should utilize a mix of rationale and memory abilities to advance – a few things require key codes or mix locks, others require particular apparatuses to open. Would you be able to discover Wayne's diary and cause send him to the seat?


Left click to interact.