Training Race

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Training Race is a car racing game at Encounter exciting 3D car hustling in Training Race, another driving game! In this game you can pick between a wide range of sorts of modes to race in:

Circuit races occur on a speedway. They have different laps and the principal racer to cross the end goal wins. You're hustling aginst genius vehicles (which are dark) and fundamental AI vehicles (which are yellow).

The rivals are all AI controlled yet don't think little of them as they can quickly remove your way and surpass you. There are a bundle of cars that you can unreservedly look over; each of them has its own particular qualities. Whatever mode you play in and whatever car you pick, Training Race is ensured to present to you a great deal of difficulties and fun. Will you beat every one of the tracks and turn into the hustling champion?

Controls :

WASD or arrow keys to drive

N to use nitro

V to use clutch

C to change view