Tiny Rifles is gun shooting game at k2t2.com. Take to the war zone and shield your trenches in Tiny Rifles! This game elements some phenomenal methodology components and combat zone gameplay. You control a multitude of tiny officers and should advance over the combat zone to connect with the foe and take control of the trenches. You can look over a rifle trooper, an expert sharpshooter, an automatic weapon fighter and an overwhelming mortar assault.

Each kind of fighter/assault costs gold – this gold recovers after some time consequently. There is a postpone clock on the buy of every unit so you should purchase your units at the lucky minute and plan your assault precisely. Marksman rifles have a more extended territory, yet automatic weapon fighters have a speedier rate of discharge – utilize your unit's qualities! To finish each level you should achieve the foe line and demolish all units in your way. This game requires enormous technique and planning – would you be able to lead your tiny warriors to triumph?

Control :

Left click to deploy troops and move them.