Thieves Assassin

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Thieves Assassin is a platform game at Thieves Assassin is an eminent stage game in which you should control a saint and work your way through a progression of cool stage levels. With three universes and 12 levels in every world, this game has incredible playability and ensuing universes ought to be discharged later on as well! Play Thieves Assassin unblocked.

Every legend has an essential wound assault with their sword, bombs they can shoot at adversaries, and an overwhelming exceptional assault, for example, a fire or ice impact.

utilize your bombs and exceptional assaults deliberately as you just have a constrained supply of each move. As you advance through each level you should maintain a strategic distance from snags, bounce over holes and crush insidious adversaries. Moreover you can gather gold coins – utilize these coins to buy extra ammunition for your bombs and unique assault. The illustrations are extraordinary, the music is cool and the stage gameplay is fun – would you be able to finish all levels and turned into an incredible legend?

Controls :

Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to jump, click twice to double jump

Space bar to attack

Z to throw bomb

X to use thunder bolt