The Ultimate Idiot Test

The Ultimate Idiot Test 0 1
The Ultimate Idiot Test is a quiz game at The Ultimate Idiot Test is the last test so prepare for some really troublesome and mind softening difficulties! We inform playing no less than one concerning the other four idiot tests to acclimate yourself with the gameplay and the sorts of inquiries. This test takes it to an unheard of level nonetheless and is interminably additionally difficult!

This variant brings some great inquiries and puts new contorts on them. Prepare to squeeze shaded catches, retain successions of shapes and work out mental maths challenges as well! Make sure to peruse and re-read the guidelines otherwise you may pick the wrong answer! Likewise take a gander at the screen to a great degree precisely so you don't miss anything. This Idiot Test is absolutely the ultimate, and any individual who can finish it is a genuinely commendable contender!

Controls :

You need to use your left mouse button to choose an answer.