The Idiot Test 4

The Idiot Test 4 0 1
The Idiot Test 4 is a brain puzzle game at You would believe that 3 idiot tests would be sufficient, yet you can test your brain indeed in The Idiot Test 4! Truly you can play the fourth portion of this marvelous cerebrum secret test and experiment with an as good as ever set of inquiries. This new form takes the inquiries to an unheard of level of trouble and each arrangement of directions will truly test your focus and mental abilities.

In this form, the inquiries attempt to utilize duplicity to influence you to pick mistakenly. For instance a direction may read - press the green catch - yet the word green is featured in red to attempt and distract you! Read the inquiries painstakingly and focus on each minor detail. Would you be able to beat each level and demonstrate that you are more than an entire idiot?

Controls :

Left click to play.