Teamballio 0 1 is a new mutliplayer .io game at Are you bored? Searching for a game to master? Or just trying to have fun? Now it's your time! Check out this brand new soccer style MMO browser game! Hop in the arena and compete with thousands of people around the world in needle matches! Score and win to climb the ladder! Earn new ranks as your skill improves! Team up with others for even more fun! Enjoy! :)
Use the mouse to control your player. Sprint with left click, kick the ball with right click.
You can utilize the keyboard, too. Try W,S,A,D or the arrow keys to move around. Hit Q for sprint, SPACE for kick.
Find a football field to start a match. Navigate the ball behind the other team's goal line to score. On larger fields you can play in teams.
Hit enter key to chat.
You can zoom with mouse wheel.
Don't waste your stamina. Keep it for actions.
You can push your opponent while he tries to aim.
Playing against higher level players can be challenging, but rewarding.
You can open the profile screen by clicking on a player or a name on the Leaderboard.
Login to save your stats and acquire ranks.