Tank vs. Tiles

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Tank vs. Tiles is a tank game at k2t2.com.Tank vs. Tiles is an endless shooting game that is roused by the colossally well known Color Switch. You control a pixelated tank and should shot the moving toward tiles – this may sound simple yet you need to coordinate the shade of your tank and slugs to the shade of the approaching tiles. Play Tank vs. Tiles unblocked.

To shoot pink slugs you should tap on the left hand side of the tank, and to shoot blue shots, you should tap on the correct hand side of the tank.

Each tile has a number on it – this number speaks to the quantity of times that it must be shot with the comparing shading so focus on both the shading and the number! On the off chance that you hit a tile with the wrong shading, the quantity of shots required to pulverize it will increment by one.

A green tile will seem now and then – you can devastate this utilizing any shading. Once the green square has been annihilated you would then be able to discharge a green slug that impacts each tile separated on the screen. What number of tiles would you be able to devastate?

Controls :

Left click the left area to shoot red color and right area to shoot blue color.