Tank Fury 0 1
Tank Fury is a multiplayer game at k2t2.com. Tank Fury is a madly quick paced shooter game in which you control a solitary tank and should battle against different players to overwhelm the field.

Your tank is outfitted with a gun and a vast spring stacked boxing glove - utilize the two weapons to wreak ruin on your foes. Guarantee to continue moving around and endeavor to make utilization of the blue teleportation gadgets to transport to various ranges of the level.

As you slaughter more adversaries you tank is overhauled - its covering enhances and you increase new and all the more pulverizing weapons as well. You can likewise look over a scope of various tanks all of which have somewhat extraordinary wellbeing, shield, speed and fire-rate.

When you slaughter a rival, make certain to gather the box that drops - this will reestablish your shield in the event that you are harmed. Would you be able to overcome the field and pile on a huge slaughter streak?

Controls :

AD or left/right arrow to move tank

Left click or space bar to fire

Right click to punch