SWITCH or NOT? 0 1
SWITCH or NOT? is a puzzle game at k2t2.com. SWITCH or NOT? Is a cool intelligent bewilder game in which you should flip an assortment of switches to enable the power current to go through the dark pieces.

Each level contains a progression of dark squares and an end terminal – an electric current (the orange pieces) goes through the lines to the end terminal. The way of the current is blocked however at different stages and you should flip the switches to finish the circuit.

The levels begin off to a great degree simple and you just need to flip a solitary switch to enable the current to advance. As you travel through the levels anyway you will experience a scope of various blocking articles and you should utilize a more prominent number of switches.

This game requires solid levels of rationale and you should truly consider the procedure and the present stream. Would you be able to finish every one of the levels and effectively choose whether to switch or not?

Controls :

Left click to activate/deactive a switch.