Supergun 5 2
Supergun is a weapon game at Supergun is an exceptional and quick paced arcade game from the makers of the marvelous Eagle Ride. In this title, you control a spaceship and your point is to manage your ship through space and maintain a strategic distance from the red squares. Your ship moves and flames naturally – you should simply control the left and right developments. This may sound simple however the gameplay is quick and you should have incredible responses!

As you advance you ship will travel through the labyrinth of squares – dodge the red square however attempt and hit the other hued squares as they give extra scores. Moreover, keep an eye out for the yellow and dim circles as they will give a colossal lift to your boats capability, for example, a quad weapon or spaceships that assistance and focus on the red squares. Perceive how far you can advance and what high score you can enroll!

Controls :

Use AD or left/right arrow to steer.