Super Pineapple Pen 3 3
Super Pineapple Pen is a html game at Super Pineapple Pen is a comical shooting game with products of the soil! This game takes motivation from the whacky YouTube video called pen pineapple apple pen joined with Psy. The point of the game is basic – you should shoot pens and attempt to skewer an assortment of natural product.

In the event that you miss a shot then you should restart the game so take as much time as is needed and point painstakingly – what number of shots would you be able to hit in succession? A portion of the natural products are wearing protective layer and you should hit them a few times previously you can crush them and a portion of the organic products move rapidly so you should point precisely. As you gather coins you can buy new pens and distinctive frill. What top score would you be able to pick up with your super pineapple pen?

Controls :

Left click to shoot the pen.