Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run 4 4
Super Mario Run is arcade game at Take control of the amazing Mario in this side-looking over stage game. The princess stronghold is ablaze and you should get away! Run through each level and gather coins as you advance. You should hop over impediments, water, and dodge the fire. You can likewise annihilate a portion of the squares to discover extra coins. It is likewise conceivable to discover different catalysts, for example, a jetpack or the super-measure mushroom.

As you finish each level and gather the coins, you can buy new and fun outfits for Mario to wear. There is a scope of levels to finish, each of which highlight distinctive impediments and Mario enlivened scenes. Will you get away from the fire and guide Mario through each level effectively? The designs of this game are incredible, and the gameplay is fun and testing – for any hardcore Super Mario fan this is a flat out must!

Controls :

Left click to jump and click twice for a double jump. Hold left click to float in the air.