Super Fighters: Ultimate

Super Fighters: Ultimate 5 3
Super Fighters: Ultimate is a action shooting game at Super Fighters Ultimate is an upgraded version of the intense original Super Fighters shooter platform game. This game presents the fantastic controls and gameplay of the original, but adds new weapons and missions and also a new survival game mode.

In the survival mode you must try and survive for as long as possible against waves of enemies – move around the level and pick up different weapons and ammunition to dish out death and destruction to your enemies. Each level becomes progressively more difficult so you must work hard to survive! This survival mode is a heap of fun and adds a new dimension of gameplay to this awesome platform title.

Player 1 controls:

Arrow keys to move

N to do melee attack

HM to aim with your gun, release to shoot

, to throw a grenade

. to use the power-up

Player 2 controls :

WASD to move

1 to do a melee attack

2 to aim with your gun, release to shoot 3 to throw a grenade

4 to use the power-up