Stratego Win or Lose

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Stratego Win or Lose is a card game at Play Stratego Win or Lose, a fun cards system game about war. A fight has started and you need to figure out which side will win. You just get the chance to see one of the side's cards in each battle, and, for some short seconds toward the start of each fight, what number of units of each sort possesses one of the sides. Play Stratego Win or Lose unblocked.

The units quality relies upon the number, the higher the number, the more grounded the unit: a scout has the number 2, a marshall has the number 10. There are additionally bombs that slaughter all units with the exception of the excavators, who, then again, claim only the number 3. Be shrewd and endeavor to get beyond what many would consider possible. Three missteps and you lose.

Controls: Mouse