Stick Running

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Stick Running is a avoid platform game at Stick Running is a fun unending running stage game . Control our gallant stickman and guide him through an unending labyrinth of stages and deterrents. Utilize your up key to perform bounces (twofold tap it to play out a twofold hop), and utilize the down key to play out a move to slider under articles. As should be obvious the controls are clear and simple to get.

The game is interminable and you should basically perceive how far you can advance – you will end up playing again and again to attempt and beat your best score! You need to have awesome responses and snappy fingers to overcome the stages and hop or slide so as to keep away from the items. What top score would you be able to enlist with our stickman saint?

Controls :

Up arrow to jump, press again to double jump

Down arrow to roll