Stellar Squad

Stellar Squad 0 1
Stellar Squad is an extraordinary protection game in which you fight a multitude of robots! The robots are extremely threatening because of programmers. You should convey your squads to bring them down and secure valuable materials!

Each of your squad individuals can be changed in fight; each class is solid against a specific sort of adversary. You can change the squad's class again to adjust to the circumstance. Each activity for your squads requires activity focuses; you can get some by slaughtering the foes. Keep the robots from entering your ship or you are will lose focuses. A squad can level up and get expanded fight capacities in the wake of executing a specific number of robots. After a mission is finished, you can play again with a higher trouble setting to acquire an update relic. Utilize the cash that you acquire to purchase different redesigns for your squads and relics. You can re-try the missions again on the off chance that you require more cash.

Controls :

This game uses the left and right mouse buttons.

Left click to do actions

0 to 9 number keys to use skill