Spearmen Hunters

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Spearmen Hunters is a action game at k2t2.com. Spearmen Hunters is a cool tossing game in which you should battle against different tribes utilizing your lances and strive for mastery of your country.

To begin with you are furnished with only a lance - you should point utilizing the mouse and utilize the left snap catch to toss your lance. Point painstakingly however rapidly and abstain from being hit - without a shield you will pass on after one hit!

As you advance, more stages show up and diverse foes show up additionally - some tribe individuals convey shields and take more time to pulverize, and some tribe individuals are boss who can summon fireballs!

Utilize the currencies you gather to buy updates including shields and overhauled lances that do more noteworthy harm. Would you be able to finish every one of the levels and turned into a tribal warrior legend?

Controls :

Hold left mouse button up and down to aim, release to shoot.