Soldier Z is a zombie shooting game at Soldier Z is a fun and sensible game of survival in which you are a survivor of a lethal infection episode – the infection has transformed everybody into tissue eating zombies and you should keep away from them no matter what else you will wind up plainly contaminated as well! The city has been totally surrendered and you should discover your way through the maze of structures to attempt and discover security. Play Soldier Z unblocked.

As you investigate the city you should gather diverse weapons and supplies and annihilate any zombies in your way. Remain alarm as the zombies may show up all of a sudden without notice – keep an eye out for dim zones or encased spaces. As you advance you can take after the fascinating storyline and submerge yourself in this exciting story of survival!

Controls :

Use WASD or arrow keys to move

Press left click to attack/shoot

Hold shift to sprint

Press R to reload

Press E to interact

Press L to lock/unlock mouse

Use P to pause and access menu