Smashy City 2

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Smashy City 2 is a rampage game at Smashy City is your game in case you're hoping to control a creature and wreak devastation in a city. There are a lot of creatures to look over, and some of them have a one of a kind status. Play Smashy City 2 unblocked.

Your undertaking is basic: wreck everything that is headed! Thusly, you will fill a frenzy gage. At the point when it's full, you can utilize it to move quicker and right away pulverize a building. The more destruction you wreak, the higher your score. You can procure coins that can be utilized to incubate new creatures. You just have a set number of lives, so endeavor to cause however much harm as could reasonably be expected before you run out!

Controls :

Use A/D or left/right arrow key to move left or right

- Use space bar to enter rampage mode