Sharko - The Right Mix

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Sharko - The Right Mix is a fun drink mixing game in which you take control of Sharko - the shark barkeep! Sharko is to a great degree demanding with regards to mixing beverages and mixed drinks and you should make the right blends to keep him glad - in the event that you don't you will see his irate side! Play Sharko - The Right Mix unblocked.

You can look over 5 changed organic products to mix including kiwi, lemon, orange and pineapple. If you like cocktail mixing games, try Bartender: Perfect Mix.

Pick two foods grown from the ground them together - shake the mixed drink and present it to Sharko for tasting! Will you succeed? Will you make the ideal reviving refreshment? In some cases Sharko will completely adore your creation, and other circumstances he may spit it out in sicken! Continue attempting until your ideal your mixed drink making aptitudes.


Left click to choose a fruit.