Seek and Destroy 0 1
Seek and Destroy is a gun shooting game at Seek and Destroy isn't care for some other multiplayer game... In this third individual title you take control of a destructive military helicopter and must connect with different players in furious flying fights! Play Seek and Destroy unblocked.

The controls are anything but difficult to get and you should deal with each part of the helicopters development, from elevation and tilt to pointing and shooting your weapons.

Take awesome care over your elevation as this can significantly enhance your situating against your foes. On the off chance that you have the high ground you can overwhelm the skies.

Your helicopter is furnished with different weapons including an automatic rifle, warm seeking rockets and bombs – utilize your weapons shrewdly and represent their reload time and ammunition limit. The maps are practical and the gameplay is fun – would you be able to wind up plainly an ace helicopter pilot and vanquish your adversaries?

Controls :

W to power up

S to power down

AD to rotate left/right

Arrow keys to rotate

Left click to fire

F or right click to shoot rocket launcher

V to shoot heat-seeking missile

X to drop bomb

Z to lock/unlock altitude

L to start/stop engine