Scrumpfy and the Beans Cookies Galaxy

Scrumpfy and the Beans Cookies Galaxy 0 1
Scrumpfy and the Beans Cookies Galaxy is a adventure game at Scrumpfy is a pooch with a fantasy - to achieve the cookies galaxy and eat whatever number cookies as could reasonably be expected! Scrumpfy means to achieve the galaxy by propelling himself on a sling and utilizing his fart energy to move him further! It is your obligation to help the pooch and update his measurements to enable him to fly further and gather more flavorful cookies.

Amid each turn, you should pull the sling back and discharge Scrumpfy into the air - as he flies through the air, you can move him cleared out and appropriate to gather the cookies. Furthermore, you can utilize his fart energy to give the puppy a lift and enable him to travel further.

Each far utilizations 1 treat, so the more cookies you gather, the more fart supports you can utilize. The more you travel, the more mint pieces you gather - these coins can be utilized to buy critical redesigns. Updates incorporate versatile extend, coin multiplier and introductory beginning cookies. Would you be able to enable Scrumpfy to accomplish his objectives and achieve the Cookies Galaxy?

Controls :

Left click to fart

Left and right arrow to move