Save the Cowboy

Save the Cowboy 0 1
Save the Cowboy is a physics game at Save the Cowboy is a testing game of bows and arrows – you should free the cowboys that have been held tight the slows down utilizing just your bow and bolt. You should point to a great degree deliberately and hit the rope that is hanging every cowboy – when you break the rope you save their lives!

Every cowboy has a wellbeing bar – the more you take to cut the rope, the more their wellbeing will deplete. Furthermore in the event that you hit a cowboy with a bolt you will significantly deplete their wellbeing and potentially slaughter them!

As you advance the levels end up noticeably harder and you need to save more focuses in a scope of troublesome positions. Furthermore on a few levels you need to discharge the bow and bolt from a defensive rise before you can fire it! Would you be able to end up noticeably a legend in the wild west and save the cowboys? In the event that you like bows and arrows game, attempt another game like Stickman Archer 2.

Controls :

Drag left mouse button to pull, release to shoot.