Royal City Clashers 2

Royal City Clashers 2 0 1
Royal City Clashers 2 is a gun shooting game at Royal City Clashers 2 is a fabulous battling test system that has similitudes to some retro battling games for prior consoles. Play Royal City Clashers 2 unblocked.

Clones are wreaking devastation in Royal City and you have been entrusted to wreck them and keep the peace. Before you enter the game, you should pick between one of three characters. Every one has an alternate arrangement of moves and qualities.

When you have picked your character your must battle your way through the clones in a pixelated cityscape! To begin with you can utilize your clench hands. Be that as it may you can gather weapons from the waste jars in the lanes. Weapons incorporate guns, light sabers, homerun sticks and even tremendous sledges!

As you advance you can gather coins - likewise keep an eye out for nourishment - this will recharge your wellbeing. To include an additional level of fun, you can play part screen with a companion! Bounce into Royal City today and begin battling!

Player 1 controls

WASD to move

QE to swap weapon

V to run

B or space bar to attack

N to drop weapon

Player 2 controls (use keypad for number buttons)

Arrow keys to move

46 to swap weapon

1 to run

2 or 0 to attack

3 to drop weapon