Rogue Tank Annihilator

Rogue Tank Annihilator 0 1
Rogue Tank Annihilator is a tank war game at Rogue Tank Annihilator lets you feeling nostalgic with great DOS game, Annihilator Tank. You are controlling a tank and need to demolish all foes alongside their basses.

Each time you begin a mission, the guide is recently created and unique. Adversary tanks and cautious turrets are exceptionally mindful of your circumstance, when you approach them, they start to connect with you. Shoot your gun a few times to obliterate the foes. You can likewise obliterate different items, for example, trees and shakes.

Annihilated adversary or question can give you an arbitrary thing. It is vital to make great utilization of your obtained things, particularly repair pack that gives you a chance to repair your harmed tank. The mint piece is a critical asset that you can gather and use to overhaul the different energy of your tank for the following mission. Finish the accomplishments to procure more coins.

Controls :

WASD or arrow keys to move

Left click to shoot shell

Right click to shoot HE shell

Shift to launch missile

Space bar to place mine

R to use repair kit