Road Rage Trip

Road Rage Trip 0 1
Road Rage Trip is a car game at Road Rage Trip enables you to crush through activity and release your road rage on different vehicles! The Christmas season has arrived and you need to take your family on a road trip - your are hindered by the occasion movement be that as it may and your rage assembles!

To advance through the movement you should utilize your rage meter and dispatch the auto noticeable all around and skip over alternate vehicles!

Each time you bob you are impelled further and every auto you crush you gather coins. You can gather these coins and utilize them to buy redesigns, for example, enhanced fuel limit, better suspension and an expanded shot of experiencing fuel and concoction trucks.

Time your skips precisely to amplify your flight time, and dependably attempt to arrive your bobs over different vehicles - this will take you further. What is the most astounding score you can enlist? Would you be able to release your inward road rage?

Controls :

Left click to slam.