Revenge of the Kid 0 1
Revenge of the Kid is a gun shooting game at Revenge of the Kid is a cool rancher shooter game situated in the perilous Wild West! You are Hanson and you were previously an individual from the scandalous Condor Crayon Gang – you have been untouchable notwithstanding and look for revenge!

All through the game you should attempt and dispatch the four residual individuals from the group – Mitch, Clint, Nunez and Earl. Amid each level you should battle your way through an assortment of stages before experiencing the last manager.

You are outfitted with a gun, however you can gather other weapons, for example, a shotgun and rifle. Attempt and wipe out every one of the adversaries on a level and abstain from being shot – you just have a constrained measure of wellbeing so shoot rapidly and point precisely!

You can likewise shoot your adversaries slugs in mid-air so don't just shoot straightforwardly at the other characters! You may likewise need to shot levers and changes to open new territories, or divert slugs to advance. The manager battles are extreme 1on1 confrontations and you should focus on the signs. Would you be able to deliver retribution on the Condor Crayon Gang?

Controls :

Left click to shoot 1234 to switch weapon R to restart level