Return Man 2: Zombies

Return Man 2: Zombies 3 2
Return Man 2: Zombies is a zombie game at Return Man 2: Zombies is a cool American Football game with a spooky Halloween topic. Rather than going through the football field and staying away from handles from humans (as you do in the first Return Man 2), you are rather going through the pitch and abstaining from being eaten by zombies! You can play on ten unique stages, each of which has an alternate stadium and an alternate scope of characters to keep running by.

Amid the main level you are separated from everyone else and you should handle the zombies without offer assistance! As you advance anyway you pick up a group of line-supporters who will give up themselves and keep the zombies connected with while you scramble toward flexibility!

Toward the begin of each level the ball is tossed towards you. You should get it and afterward advance toward the touchdown line without being gotten. Keep in mind to utilize your three uncommon moves and gather catalysts that are scattered on the pitch! Would you be able to get away from the zombies and hurry to opportunity?


I or up arrow to run forward

K or down arrow to run backward

J or left arrow to run left

L to or right arrow run right

ASD to use special move