Rail Nation 0 1
Rail Nation is a adventure game at k2t2.com. Enter the prepare's administration business and contend with different players around the world! Rail Nation is a multiplayer prepare administration game which is accessible in the program, on iOS, and on Android. In the game you have to purchase prepares and transport crude materials and products to your city to gain cash and keep the city's needs satisfied. The more pressing a decent is required, the more cash you get.

Utilize your cash to purchase different redesigns in the game, including more prepares and tracks. In the exploration segment, you can produce investigate focuses. Utilize those to purchase more redesigns for your trains and open far superior trains.

The way to accomplishment in this game is great administration; you have to keep to the store network solid and procure enduring incomes after some time. Keep in mind that your trains should be adjusted routinely. Rail Nation has 6 unique periods, you have to do your best to be the most created city.

Tip: Try to complete the instructional exercise and do the undertakings to procure rewards and know the game's mechanics.

Controls :

Use your mouse to play this game.