Punch Trees Punch Rocks Punch Monsters

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Punch Trees Punch Rocks Punch Monsters is a adventure game at k2t2.com. Punch Trees Punch Rocks Punch Monsters is a fun sit out of gear game in which you should deal with your assets and perform moves up to enhance your development and battling aptitudes.

You possess a knight - he naturally slaughters monsters and rests in the event that he is low on HP. You likewise have two gatherers who gather distinctive assets consequently for you including wood, stone and gold. So what precisely do you do in this game?

You deal with the assets and buy overhauls! In the redesign segment you can enhance the quality of your knight and different details, for example, his speed, max and quality.

Moreover, you can update the accumulation speed of your gatherers and the rate at which their assets produce. The magnificence of this game is that you can abandon it running unattended and the characters will keep working! At the point when your knight achieves level 5, you have an opportunity to battle a fierce mythical beast! Would you be able to punch trees, rocks and monsters effectively?

Control :

Left click to play.