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Poppit is a puzzle game at k2t2.com. Poppit is a great baffle game in which you should coordinate at least three of a similar shading inflatable together and pop them to build your score and abatement your feelings of anxiety! Essentially tap on an inflatable and watch it pop - any inflatable of a similar shading that is adjoining will likewise pop. Endeavor to make huge combos and fly however many inflatables as would be prudent in one go!

You should pick your moves deliberately as you need to clear the greater part of the inflatables from a level to advance - in the event that you are screwed over thanks to no inflatables to pop, you should fix your moves or restart from the earliest starting point! Attempt to pop the inflatables that contain prizes and work as fast as conceivable to enroll a high score. Would you be able to finish each level?

Controls :

Left click to pop baloons.