Poop It 0 1
Poop It is a fun arcade game at k2t2.com. Do you like poop? Indeed, no one truly loves poop, however you are going to love this game! Poop It is a clever response game about well disposed looking heaps of poo. Play Poop It unblocked.

Your goal is to squash them as quick as could be expected under the circumstances, or to influence them to appear to be identical before your chance runs out. On the off chance that you have 8 darker googly-peered toward poops, simply tap on them as quick as conceivable to win some additional seconds. On the off chance that you get 2 green and 6 darker ones, tap on the green poops to influence them all hope to dark colored. It's simple as poo, wouldn't you say? Attempt it and discover! Play around with Poop It!

Controls: Mouse