PlayHeads: Soccer All World Cup

PlayHeads: Soccer All World Cup 3 2
PlayHeads: Soccer All World Cup is a sports game at Play material science soccer with Play Heads groups from the world of creatures and people.

Would you like to participate in the PlayHeads champion challenge of little physical soccer and get to the highest point of your profession?

In the correct corner of the ring, or rather the field, a standout amongst other soccer dream groups of the world of people is spoken to.

Among the enormous game heads there are acclaimed national groups of Brazil, England, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine.

In the best soccer clash of the worlds for the brilliant cup the best play heads met up.

Stand up to them will be the lightheaded players of various animals agents from the genuine and different worlds.

Here they are, the most elite: the Iron Robot, Kitty feline, grinning Guy, strong Skull, noiseless Fish, evil Fabric, unsafe Clown, red Ninja, Prehistoric man, old Vampire, lost Cosmonaut, top notch Cookie man and even the widely adored cutie Zombie who will gets, touch, beat, shoot and score balls specifically into the rival's entryways.

There are three modes to play: Single player, 2 Player, and Tournament mode. In a significant number of the mode you get the opportunity to pick to what extent the match last.

Controls :

P1 – WAD + Space

P2 – Arrows + P

or Click or Tap ingame buttons