Pixoji 0 1
Pixoji is a brain game at k2t2.com. Pixoji is a super perplex game that utilizations components of the well known retro Minesweeper game together with nonogram gameplay. The point of the game is to locate the concealed picture on each level.

Each level displays an alternate network brimming with numbers. The number in a square speaks to what number of full tiles there are in the 9 nearby tiles (counting the tile itself). For instance if a tile had a number 9 in it, you realize that the 8 encompassing tiles, and the tile itself are on the whole full.

When you are certain a tile is full, you can left-click it to turn it purple. In the event that you imagine that a tile is void anyway, you can right-tap on it to influence it to dark. On the off chance that you commit an error, the tile won't change shading and your slip-up counter will increment in the upper left hand corner.

When you have effectively distinguished all the full tiles, the baffle is finished and the full tiles will change to uncover a photo or a cool example. As you advance the levels turn out to be progressively troublesome and will test your rationale! Would you be able to explain all the Pixoji confuses?

Controls :

Left click to reveal a tile

Right click to mark a tile as not used