Petigor's Tale

Petigor's Tale 0 1
Petigor's Tale is a battle game at Your town has been devastated by a malevolent troll and his swarm of magma golems. You are the town's bravest warrior – Petigor and it is your obligation to convey justice to your town and annihilation the troll and his minions.

Despite the fact that this is a browser game, the graphics are tremendous and the gameplay is inside and out as well and testing. With 3 levels of activity pressed experience, this game has incredible playability.

Amid the first two levels you must slay the magma golems and gather hued crystals. Watch out for the falling magma bombs and be mindful so as not to fall in the magma lake. In the last level, you end up plainly caught in the detestable trolls layer and must use items you find in the enclosure and space to escape.

All through the game you can gather wellbeing potions and different boosters to enhance your battle and survivability. Would you be able to encourage convey justice to your town and outmaneuver the insidious troll?

Controls :

WASD to move

Left click to attack