Paint the Frog

Paint the Frog 0 1
Paint the Frog is a puzzle game at Paint the Frog is a fun and quick paced baffle game that anybody can rapidly play! The point of the game is straightforward – you should actually paint a progression of frogs with your paintbrush and make every one of the frogs on a level a similar shading! This may sound simple, however you need to think quick and settle on an on the spot choice as to which shading frog to paint. There will be two distinctive shaded frogs on each level – you need to paint one arrangement of frogs to turn them an indistinguishable shading from the other set.

The game begins off simple and you may just need to paint two or three frogs; as you advance however your choices will end up noticeably harder as the amounts of frogs begin to wind up noticeably comparable. You just have a specific measure of time to finish each level and you acquire time for each progressive wave you finish. Are your fingers sufficiently quick to paint the frogs?


Left click to play.