Optika is a brain puzzle game at k2t2.com. Prepare to test your mind in Optika a fun light-radiated puzzler. Drive your rationale ability to most extreme point of confinement. Educator Opticus and his aide, Sofia will control you through the instructional exercise on the off chance that it is your first time playing! You will likely make sense of approaches to touch off Receivers with the light pillars active from Emitters. All Receivers must be light to get to the following level. Optika is brilliant, imaginative, fun, and mind blowing.

Control with optic gadgets to finish your objective, for example, pivot and change size of mirrors , keep away from dark openings, lasers, crystals, mirrors, magnets, and that's just the beginning.

Be bright and lead the correct shading to the Receivers.

Decay and move the light on account of focal points, mirrors and crystals. Take as much time as is needed and at last guide the photons to their objectives!

The majority of the riddles you are going to encounter are enlivened by true material science.