Nonogram FRVR

Nonogram FRVR 0 1
Nonogram FRVR is a puzzle game at In you love puzzle games, for example, Sudoku then you will love Nonogram FRVR. This testing game of rationale will test your mental capacity and stimulate your mind. Each level comprises of a tiled playing board - at the edge of every segment and line there are a grouping of numbers - these numbers mean what number of tiles ought to be lit. A solitary number speaks to a nearby succession of lit tiles i.e. an umber two would mean two tiles in that line or segment must be lit by each other.

Two numbers imply that there are two separate gatherings of tiles that are non adjoining. For instance, a one and a two would imply that there is a solitary lit tile all alone, and two contiguous lit tiles. In what manner will your mind adapt to the confounding rationale of Nonogram FRVR?

Controls : Left click to light the tile.