Nightmares of Residents 0 1
Nightmares of Residents is a zombie game at Nightmares of Residents is an awesome first individual zombie shooter that takes motivation from the notable Resident Evil arrangement – you can even play as characters from the games including Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy.

This game presents two distinct modes – battle and versus. In the battle, you should finish different levels and advance through a story. You will experience savage zombies and the feel and state of mind of the battle is dull, evil and bleak. You are equipped with a weapon and must utilize your ability and sly to continue on.

Versus mode pits you in ruthless 1on1 battle against different characters from the game. You should endeavor to thump out your rival utilizing a scope of moves and assaults. Both game modes are fun and connecting with, and Nightmare of Residents pays an extraordinary tribute to this kind of games. Have some good times and begin battling the undead today!

Controls :

WASD to move

123 to switch weapon

Left click to shoot

R to reload

Space bar to jump

C to crouch

E to enter car

L to use flashlight

I to access inventory