Multi Miner

Multi Miner 0 1
Multi Miner is a html game at Multi Miner is a sit without moving clicker game in which you should mine assets, develop an effective operation and offer your assets. Begin by mining squares of stone – essentially tap on the piece and the material is mined naturally. Once a piece is mined you pick up X measure of that material in your stock. There are four tabs with various choices in – assignments, market, redesigns and measurements.

In the undertakings tab you can discover a scope of various assignments to finish – for each errand you complete you pick up a reward or cash. The market tab is the place you pitch your mined material to win benefit to then purchase future redesigns. The overhauls tab is the place you buy distinctive lifts, for example, auto mining apparatuses and expanded yield. At long last, the measurements tab indicates what materials you have mined after some time. This game is tremendously addictive and once you have the essential overhauls you can abandon it running out of sight!

Controls :

Use left mouse button to play.